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We would like to keep you up to date with the work of the Hospice with occasional mailings and emails. By selecting the options below, you are letting us know you are happy for us to contact you in these ways. Please be assured we will not share your personal details with anyone else.

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Terms and Conditions:

 Thank you for volunteering to support The Prince of Wales Hospice.

Please read the information below carefully. By volunteering, you are agreeing to abide by these precautions and restrictions, for your own protection.

Health and Safety

You must, at all times, act in accordance with the instructions of the event organiser.

Please attend any pre-arranged briefings promptly and listen carefully.

If you are uncertain about any of the instructions you have been given, please make this known, your safety and the safety of others may depend on it.

Please dress appropriately for the weather and request and use any protective clothing available.

Keep hydrated and energised. Please bring with you warm or cold drinks, depending on the weather, and food for the day.

Take extra care when lifting or moving objects. Adopt a safe posture and always ask for help if you need it.

Money and data

Handling of donations should be carried out by fully-registered volunteers (please ask if you would like to become one!) or members of the Hospice staff. Please protect yourself by abiding by this rule. If a member of the public passes a donation to you, you must pass it to the Hospice at the earliest opportunity.

There are strict rules around the handling of individuals’ personal data (e.g. names and addresses). If a member of the public passes their details to you for the Hospice, you must pass them on to a member of Hospice staff at the earliest opportunity.


You must not do anything which may bring the name of The Prince of Wales Hospice into disrepute.

Please refer all media enquiries, first aid requests, complaints or other important enquires to a member of the Hospice staff (unless otherwise instructed on the day).

Photographs/video may be taken at the event for use by the Hospice.